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This Remedy Saved My Life 17 Years Ago: I Had A Liver, Colon And Uterine Cancer

Our reader called Sonia Andreev discovers the natural remedy that she claims saved her life!

“This is a very powerful remedy which saved my life and thanks to it, I am still alive and well between my children and grandchildren.

17 years ago, I had liver, colon and uterine cancer.

The uterus was surgically removed, but there was a great risk of a surgery made on the liver and the colon.

The doctor who performed the surgery recommended this natural remedy to me and gave me the recipe. I decided to make it and use it actively.

After a regular consumption, the following tests showed that the tumor is gone! I saved my life from surgeries, illnesses and diseases, so I’m using it nowadays, too and I think that this remedy keeps me alive.

This is the recipe along with the process of preparation!

Necessary Ingredients:

  • 15 garlic cloves
  • 15 lemons
  • 500 gr of grounded walnuts
  • 500 gr of grounded hazelnuts
  • 500 gr of dry figs
  • 500 gr of dry plums
  • 500 gr of dry white raisins
  • 500 gr of dry black raisins
  • 500 gr of clean wheat (organic)
  • 1 kg of homemade honey (organic)

Process Of Preparation:

You wash the wheat with warm water 9 times. You leave it to stay throughout the night in the tenth warm water. It should be drained and blended the following day.

Chop the figs and the plums finely because they are hard for blending.

Squeeze the juice of 10 lemons and ground 5 lemons along with their peel. Peel the garlic and add all of the ingredients in a blender. Put them in a larger bowl and stir everything well using a wooden spoon. Everything should be combined well.

Then, put a rubber glove on your hand and knead the ingredients well. The mixture should resemble a dough and it should last for 3 months.

Keep it in glass jars and store it in the fridge.

I do it twice a year. I gave the recipe to many people and everyone is satisfied. My results are amazing since the cancer is gone!

You can also consume the mixture as a prevention, even though you aren’t sick.

It doesn’t contain chemicals. It’s very powerful and it can protect you from different viruses, illnesses and diseases.”


Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of this mixture three times a day: before breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should eat it all in 3 months.


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