Learn How To Properly Perform This Maneuver! You Can Save Someone’s Life!

Heimlich grip or Heimlich maneuver is used for life-saving in the case of food choking, drowning and at suffocation due to asthma. For Heimlich grip is credited Dr. Henry Heimlich who in 1974 described the procedure it saved countless lives.

Heimlich grip raises the pressure in the chest allowing expulsion of foreign bodies. After rescuing the victim is an urgent need to take you to the doctor that he would with examination found that everything is in order.

A person who is choking usually is in a panic and chases his hands to the neck, cannot breathe or speak. Soon, the skin takes on the color blue. It is necessary to take the following steps if you notice that someone is choking:

1st approach a person who is choking back

2nd get his hands around person who is choking

3rd clenched fist of one hand to catch the other hand so that the thumb facing the abdomen in the midline below the rib cage and above the navel

4th sudden and powerful contraction of hand fist pressed to his stomach and strongly pull up

5th grip is repeated until it ejects cause of suffocation

Do not panic and try to perform this procedure on a person who is choking. Your sanity can save her life!


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