Be Careful What Are You Buying: Do You Know What The Stickers on The Fruits Mean?

We are sure that you have noticed the stickers on the fruits that you are buying in the supermarket? Have you ever wondered what do they mean?

1. If it is a 4 digit code that starts with the numbers 3 or 4, it means that the product was cultivated in the second half of the 20th century on a factory farm, and probably used artificial fertilizers.

2. If the product has 5 digit code that starts with the number 9, it means that the product was grown in a traditional way, as it has been cultivated for thousands of years, which is commonly known today as organic or without pesticides and fertilizers.

3. If the product has a 5 digit code that starts with number 8, it means that the product is genetically modified or commonly known as GMO.

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