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5-Day Plan To Detox Without Dieting!

If you need to switch from good to great-looking, but you don’t want to torture yourself with doubtful diets, we can help you detox without dieting. It’s not difficult at all. It just requires a bit of patience and the willingness to make a couple of changes to your daily routine.

Follow these easy tips and rid your body of toxins in less than a week.

Day 1

Start your day with a glass of warm water. Before you eat, make sure to drink that glass of water. Water removes toxins from the body, and you start to look fresh and rested. Choose warm or room-temperature water to aid digestion. You can also add water to your customary lemon juice or grapefruit juice.

Day 2

Wake up in the morning, drink water and take a Scottish shower (alternate cold and hot water).

Remove toxins from your body through exfoliation, with an exfoliating gel, a brush, luffa or a sponge. Be thorough and gentle, and make sure to treat your skin to the comforts of oils and lotions after the full-body scrub.

Day 3

Use fresh products for your skin care. Store-bought products usually contain harmful chemicals, that are not always environmentally friendly and, implicitly, not always friendly with your skin. Try a cucumber facial and a citrus body scrub. Use olive and coconut oil to hydrate your body, your face and even your hair.

Day 4

Don’t avoid exercising. You can improve your circulation by practicing stretching or yoga for as little as 20 minutes every day. Walk in fresh air often, letting your body soak up the energy of the sun. Do breathing exercises and keep those stress levels under control.

5-Day Plan To Detox Without Dieting

Day 5

Eat food that is high in fiber. It reduces the feeling of hunger and keeps your stomach from bloating. Green vegetables are always a good choice, because they digest well and help you feel relaxed throughout your body.

These 5 days of detox will probably leave you with a couple of useful habits, that will keep you looking perfect for months to come.


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