12 Places Your Body Stores Stress and What They Reveal About Your Emotions

A lot of people treat chronic pain in the wrong way and this is because they are not exactly sure what is causing it in the first place. One overlooked reason for it is stress.

Some studies have discovered that those people that experience stress and anxiety tend to tense and constrict their muscles while at the same time causing fatigue and cramps. So, there are conditions like headaches and IBS that happen due to stress. Still, the effects can be much more alarming.

As Dr. Susanne Babbel for Psychology Today explains, “Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues…Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done.”

Therefore, you can use this principle to help you in figuring out the emotions that are causing pain in some areas of your body.

12 Body Parts That Are Pained by Stress


Headaches can happen due to some obstacles in life or worries. All you have to do to deal with this is to relax without feeling guilty and worrying about your problems. We all deserve some peace and quiet. This will also increase your productivity later.


Resentment is a very bad emotion, especially for your neck. It does not matter if you are holding a grudge against others or yourself. It is difficult to forgive, still, redirecting your attitude can make a big difference. Make sure to think about things that you love, your unique abilities and past achievements.


If you are making some tough decisions, they can take a toll on your shoulders. So, it does not matter if we are talking about one choice or many. Maybe someone is pressuring you, or you are just indecisive. Just make sure to lighten the load on your shoulders by sharing your dilemmas with someone close. Therefore, talking about your concerns can alleviate them and help you find a solution as well.

Upper Back

If you are feeling pain in the upper back it is usually because you are feeling unappreciated or fearing love. It is very hard to have a lack of support from your family and friends. One of the solutions for it is open communication. Make sure to reconnect with the people that you love and go out to meet new people. Just be friendly and show your affection.

Lower Back

Lower back pain usually happens due to fear of loss and obsession with money. Financial worries can also damage your health and relationships, however, money cannot buy happiness. Therefore, do what you love so you can have joy, and the profit will follow.


Human beings are wired to naturally resist significant changes and fear of newness. Illogical stubbornness is also a general response to these situations and this causes joint pain. Just bear in mind that sometimes life is not that complicated. Do not waste your energy to fight things you cannot change. Let life go and enjoy it.


Introverts usually have pain in their hands due to the absence of companionship. If you have this, then you need to come out of your shell. You can make friends in the most bizarre situations. Go to some concert, or sports event and just be a part of the crowd.


A lot of people get used to the comfort of a predictable lifestyle. So, when there are new situations, then we might feel pain in the hips, showing that we fear change. Just remember that life keeps changing, it is normal and that is what keeps it interesting. Think of it as a big adventure.


No one wants to believe that they are conceited, however, knee pain can mean an inflated ego. Just look around, the world does not revolve around you. Pay attention to your friends, parents, coworkers and their struggles. Give to others, you will be more fulfilled.


Sometimes relationships can be dense, especially when there is jealousy and possessiveness. Just relax and trust your partner or friends. Do not try to control them, or change them, just think of why you started being with them in the first place. However, if you think that you are in an unhealthy situation with the other person, you should move on.


Life can become so busy that we might forget to take care of ourselves. Our job can be very taxing, or we just neglect our needs and hold off on our dreams. So, if you are stuck like this, it is time to break free. Buy something expensive that you really like, go to bed early, open yourself up to a romance, or just book a trip. You can make your dreams become reality.


Apathy can stop our body from moving forward. So, when we feel like we are failing, our feet usually begin to hurt. So, to fight this pain you need to pay more attention to details of life and the beauty around you. Use all of your five senses to optimize your experiences and try some new things that interest you. Smile more!

De-Stress to Heal

When you are feeling a headache coming, you need to try to relax and not take some pill instead. Just cure the source of your pain by reducing your anxiety and stress. Your emotions are actually causing you physical pain. Just listen to your pain.


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