10 Plants for Your Bedroom That Can Help You Improve Sleep Quality and Diminish Insomnia

Proven fact: air in rooms where we spend 90% of our time is 2-5 times worse than outside. Harmful contaminants (trichlorethylene, benzene and formaldehyde) surround us everywhere (found in carpeting, furniture, household cleaners, paper towels) and can lead to serious illnesses (asthma, cancer, etc.).

The simplest and most beautiful way to cleanse your environment and protect yourself from diseases and ailments is to place plants in the dwelling.

No air conditioner or filter can be compared for efficiency and benefit with indoor plants. The bedroom especially needs a green pharmacy, because we spend a third of life there.

#1 Chlorophytum. Neutralizes poisonous substances (especially formaldehyde), cleans air from microorganisms. Humidifies the air. Four adult plants are able to clear the air in a room of 10 square meters per day. on 70-80%.

#2 Spathiphyllum. This flower absorbs from the air harmful substances that get into our apartment through the windows. Spathiphyllom normalizes extreme fluctuations and is suitable for any person, you can put it in any room, but we advise you to put it in the bedroom – for a calm and healthy sleep.

#3 Aloe. Reduces the content of toxic substances (absorbs up to 90% of formaldehyde, which secures furniture from chipboard), at night releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.

#4 Kalanchoe. Allocates oxygen at night. Relieves depression.

#5. Begonia (especially royal). Neutralizes harmful substances and microbes. It is a symbol of material prosperity. The aroma relieves depression. Especially recommended in the bedroom of the elderly and with various diseases.

#6. Geranium. Kills the germs. Ozonizes the air, relieves internal tension, helps normalize the hormonal background in women. Especially useful for insomnia. But it can cause allergies.

#7. Sansevieria (also known as tawny tongue, or snake tongue) is the ideal plant for a bedroom. Despite the fact that most plants at night absorb oxygen, sansevieria on the contrary at night it produces. In a closed room to maintain the required oxygen level, you will need 6-8 green tongue to the waist height per person.

#8. Cactus is very useful. It is better to purchase a cactus with long needles. This plant kills germs and reduces harmful ionization of the air, protecting us from electromagnetic radiation. That’s why this plant is recommended to be placed in rooms where there is a computer and a TV. For normal growth, they need a lot of heat and light. Indoor flowers clean the air well, because of this, a person inhales less dangerous substances for his health.

#9. A good plant for a bedroom is a laurel. A branch of the laurel at the head of a child’s bed was once considered to be the best remedy for insomnia in a child. Adults sleep well in the presence of lavender and rosemary, which in the form of potted plants began to appear on the shelves of flower shops.

#10 Violets. These plants that consume large amounts of oxygen, emit a sufficient number of active substances and essential oils. Sensations after sleep are most unpleasant, fatigue does not go away.


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