Top 10 Deadly Habits Seriously Damaging Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are actually one of the most important organs in your body. They have many different roles like filtering the blood, eliminating toxins, absorbing minerals, producing urine, producing hormones, and neutralizing acids.

Thus, we are here today to tell you which of your habits can harm them. Therefore, make sure you take care.

10 Deadly Habits that Can Harm Your Kidneys

The kidneys are very tough and they can function with even 20% of their capacity. Therefore, them being damaged can pass unnoticed. This is what can hurt them.

1. Not Drinking Enough Water

The top functions of the kidneys are filtering blood and eliminating toxic matter from the body. So, if you are dehydrated all the time then waste and the toxic matter will start to accumulate and cause damage to the kidneys.

2. Too Much Salt In Your Diet

If you consume salt daily and it is too much this will cause the blood pressure to go up and put a lot of stress on your kidneys. The general guidelines suggest no more than 5 grams a day.

3. Delaying the Call of Nature

If you resist your urge to urinate, it will put a lot of pressure on the kidneys. This will eventually lead to kidney failure, incontinence, kidney stones, and kidney disease.

4. Kick the Sugar Habit

If you consume sugar a lot, it can affect your kidneys. It has been shown that people who consume two or more sugary drinks a day can have protein in their urine. This is the first sign of poorly functioning kidneys.

5. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

A diet full of vegetables and fruits is not only for weight loss. But, it also helps you get all the nutrients that you need for the body to function optimally. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are actually connected to the onset of different health conditions, like kidney stones for instance.

6. Too Much Animal Protein

If you eat a lot of meat, especially red one, it will increase the metabolic load on the kidneys and cause them to overwork. This will lead to kidney damage and dysfunction. Just try to limit your protein intake and get some protein from plant-based sources.

7. Alcohol Consumption

If you drink alcohol moderately, it will not harm your body. However, drinking it heavily does. Alcohol is a toxin. Thus, consuming it will overwork the kidneys and lead to kidney damage and disease later on.

8. Caffeine Habit

Caffeine also raises the blood pressure levels and it puts stress on the this organ. Moreover, this increases the risk of damage later as well.

9. Painkiller Abuse

Taking painkillers often can also put stress on your kidneys and cause damage. So, instead of using them, try some Natural remedies like essential oils, herbs, or spices.

10. Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping will give time to your body to heal, recuperate and recover. Thus, if you are sleep deprived then the body will not be able to heal and this will lead to further stress and damage to the organs.


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